Access Control

Another feature of Abbotts Complete security service is its range of access control facilities, ranging from intercoms and electric strikes to proximity cards and readers and even up-to the state of the art Videx Cyberlock. This system replaces standard mechanical cylinders with the electronic “cyberlock” cylinders. Cyberkeys work in conjunction with the cyberlock cylinder & can be configurated to allow or deny access to the user right down to the minute.

The cylinders require no cables with a small lithium battery in the head of the key powering the locks cylinder, therefore eliminating the possibility of lock out situations.

An audit trail can be run on both the lock & the key with over 1000 events on each retraceable. The whole system is programmed & maintained by the cyber software.  The whole cyber lock range is available in such things as Padlocks, Knobsets, cem locks, Key switches and mortise locks. So if Access Control is a field you need assistance in, call our office for further details or information. We would be only to pleased to assist.