1. Do you make keys for cars?
Yes we do, we can copy most keys, if you already have a key we can duplicate it.

2. Can you change locks so that the old keys don’t work?
Yes we can, if your lock is in good working condition and someone has a key you don’t want them to have or you lose your key, we can alter the lock so that the old keys don’t work anymore.

3. If I lose my keys can you open my door?
Yes we can. We can come to you home or office open the door and make new keys if needed. We can do this 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

4. How soon can you come out and open my door, I am locked out.
Our response time is within the hour, in most cases we can get there within 30 minutes.

5. Do you buy second hand safes.
We do buy second hand safes, just send photos and dimensions of the safe to our email address and we will let you know how much we willpay for it.