Restricted Master Key Systems

Many businesses large and small employ a number of staff who will require access to different areas of their workplace without restricting them from going about their job.  This will entail them holding a key to access these certain areas. At Abbott’s we can tailor a master key system where as each member of your team can go to certain areas he/she is supposed to, but restricting them from going to areas where they are not authorised to enter.

This can all be done by the use of only 1 key per employee. In addition to this we can have a master key working all doors so as your supervisor can gain uninterrupted access. This is what is known as master-keying. A simple way to visualise this form of keying is by the tree below.

After designing a system to suit your business you then want to be sure that you have complete control over all of the keys you issue. If you use a “standard” household key your employee can quite easily have keys duplicated off his copy, therefore jeopardising the security of your workplace as these keys can be handed out among friend’s etc.

To control this Abbotts can install your master key system in a “restricted” form which basically means that duplication of your keys can not proceed without a letter of consent coming from yourself or chosen members of your team. All our restricted master key systems are computer generated and maintained so as we have a complete history of when the installation took place and how many keys are issued and who at what date they were ordered.

At Abbotts we have over 2000 restricted master key systems in use today with many large corporations and companies heading up our banner so if you have a company or business and you’re looking to go that extra step with security within your firm then give the team at Abbotts a call and one of the friendly staff will help you with any enquires you may have. We will also happily come to your business obligation free, to discuss further with you the advantages of this form of security.

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BiLock System

If your looking for the ultimate in Restricted High Security Lock & Key systems, well look no further than the fully Australian made & owned Bilock Restricted Locks & cylinders. A. Abbott Locksmiths are an agent for this high tech market leading product.

The Block range of locks & cylinders was invented to satisfy a market that was looking for a higher security lock & key system, but still keeping it simple for people to use & identify.

A Bilock cylinder incorporates not 1 (as you will find in standard pin tumbler locks) but 2 parallel rows of 6 pin tumblers with each row acting independently with its own sidebar. Each side of the lock is operated separately by each half of the dual bladed Key!

This dual pin tumbler with side bar locking configuration gives Bilock cylinders a high pick resistance, and also offers users maximum flexibility with up to 16 million combinations available.

As well as high security cylinders, Bilocks patented key forming process is unique to say the least. It gives the user the ability to identify keys at a glance with their unique colour coded heads.  Bilocks NEW ‘Quick Change’ core system is a new and exciting form of economical flexibility in high security cylinders.

This ‘Quick Change’ core can be removed from your lock for servicing or  keying without removing or disassembling the lock from the door. This will save many hours in time & makes it a definite market leader in its field.  Bilock cylinders are totally versatile being easily adapted to most locks including deadlocks padlocks, knobsets, cupboard or cash drawer locks, cam locks, key switches, alarm switches and many many more.

Abbott Locksmiths have over 1200 Bilock Masterkey systems in place all over the Sydney Metropolitan area so if its ultimate High Security you want, our staff of highly trained members will only be to happy to let you know more about Bilock.

SCEC Endorsement

What is SCEC Endorsement?
Through a close association with SCEC (Security Construction & Equipment Committee), the Australian Governments official protective security adviser, First Generation BiLock was developed to a stage where the mechanism of Bilock security was endorsed and as such, all cylinders in the BiLock Standard and Quick Change Core ranges are endorsed in the SCEC security categories for key-operated locks.

The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) is a standing interdepartmental committee responsible for administrative and physical security matters.  The Security Construction and Equipment Committee is responsible for evaluation and endorsement of security equipment for use by Australian Commonwealth Departments and Agencies.

The Security Equipment Catalogue (SEC) lists products which meet strict testing requirements and relevant SCEC standards. The Catalogue’s purpose is to assist agency security and government accredited technical staff to select appropriate products in support of security installations.

We are proud to produce what is, to our knowledge, the only Australian designed and manufactured lock cylinders to achieve these levels of endorsement.