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Never before has securing your personal valuables against fire and or theft been more important.  Wether it be priceless jewellery or valuables, office computer back-up tapes or important documents or just domestic deeds and wills contained in the home, Abbott Safes can supply you with a safe especially designed to meet your needs.

Abbott Safes are not just suppliers of safes and security products in Sydney, we are also committed to providing extra services such as safe maintenance as well as safe delivery, relocations and removal. Our fleet of mobile safe technicians assures you of guarenteed prompt service with total satisfaction on completion.

So please browse our website and if you would like to contact us for any further information please feel free to do so.

Home / Office Safes

We have a wide range of new and used safes we sell at competitive prices.  Safes for the home, office, high security safes (TDR), filing cabinets, rifle/pistol safes, and or second hand safes.

There is a safe for every individual situation, fire proof safes for you documents, TDR safes for jewellers, foreign exchange etc. Rifle/pistol safes that comply with gun laws. Filing cabinets for the office, deposit safes for shops, key cabinets for car dealers and Real Estate agents.

Our 2nd hand safes are in good working condition and are of a high standard.

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CMI Compact SLSA CMI Guardall infloor
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CMI Guardall infloor
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CMI Homeguard
Domestic security safe
CMI Miniguard Domestic Secur CMI SA Compact
Theft & Fire
CMI Wall Safe Guardall BF SERIES