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Save Money with Second Hand Safes in Sydney

Second Hand Safes in Sydney


We have a wide range of second hand safes in very good condition. These safes are the in expensive alternative to new safes. They offer the same level of security and fire protection for a fraction of the price.

We stock safes of suitable quality for cash & jewellers, record protection, torch and drill resistant. They come with insurance rating from $5000.00 to over $500,000.

Torch and Drill Resistant Safes

If you need a safe to store items of value over $35,000. We would recommend a safe of TDR standard. You will need this standard of safe to be able to insure your valuables.  We have new and second hand safes that you can store from $35,000 to over $500,000 for insurance.

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One of our second hand safes in SydneyChubb TDR 685x580x580   CHUBB TDR  VICTORIAWP_20130523_037


Record Protection Safes

Record protection safes protect your valuable documents from fire. They can be fire resistant for ½ or 1 hour.  These safes are mainly used in the office situation where document protection is vital. We sell both new and second hand fire resistant safes in Sydney.

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Commerce Safes

Commerce safes are for holding good to the value of upto $25,000, they are fire proof, so you can store your documents and valuables in the same safe.  We stock both new and used commerce safes of varying sizes.

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CHUBB  CHUBB  WP_20130523_013 CHUBB  PIONEER 2 INTERNAL CABINETS  WP_20130523_025  WP_20130523_042