10 Locksmith Recommendations for Construction Site Security

Millions of dollars are wasted on construction sites due to theft and vandalism every year. Since these expenditures are frequently passed on to the owner, it’s essential to invest in high-quality security as a preventive measure. So, as expert emergency locksmiths Sydney here are ten suggestions to help you strengthen your construction site security!

  1. Get to Know Your Neighbours

Neighbours can occasionally be the best form of property protection because they can promptly report any suspicious or out of the ordinary activities to the police. Having them on your side can’t hurt, so it’s a good start to inform them of when your staff starts and ends their shifts day. Give them your contact information and tell them to call you immediately if something doesn’t feel or seem right.

  1. Install Tall Fences

Most construction sites will already have law-mandating fences. But by making the fences higher, the building is more complicated for outsiders to reach the building site, as a result decreasing the risk of theft.

  1. Maintain a Well-Lit Construction Site After Dark

It is a good idea to have an “Abbotts Locksmith Near Me” add floodlights to your property. Thieves will avoid well-lit areas, so by installing floodlights at the entry gate and in any corners that may be used as hiding places, your property has an extra layer of security. Although not every construction site can install all-night lighting if this is the case, sensor lights are the way to go. As a result, trespassing thieves will not go undetected, with any motion prompting the lights to switch on!

  1. Install CCTV Cameras

While CCTV is a no-brainer to most, it is frequently overlooked due to the task’s transient nature and the expenditures associated with purchasing and installing. But with a professional Abbott’s emergency locksmith Sydney we will install CCTV cameras at strategic locations across the property to ensure maximum coverage. For example, the entry gate and other high-risk spots around the site that lack clear visibility or where high-value objects are kept. As an added deterrent, Abbott’s 24 hour locksmith can install a clear and visible sign indicating that CCTV is continually used.

  1. Hire Security Personnel

Adding a night-time security guard to your construction site adds an added layer of safety, as a physical presence reduces the likelihood of theft and vandalism to the property. During their nightly rounds, security guards may also double-check that your CCTV cameras, lighting, and locks are in functioning condition.

  1. Maintain A Record of Your Equipment and Materials

For insurance purposes, you should record your equipment and supplies, including model and serial numbers. At the end of each shift, ensure all your equipment is locked in a secure area, and nothing is left out. While you’re at it, switch off the electricity and close any staircase and scaffolding access points.

Plan your material delivery to coincide with the installation dates. Work with your tradespeople to assess how much stock will be leftover at the conclusion of each day. Mark any uninstalled materials with your firm name or the site address. This reduces the danger of stolen items and makes recovery easier if they are stolen. Another alternative for days when there is a large amount of merchandise left over is to move it to your nearest warehouse.

  1. Keep Important Documents in a Safe Deposit Box

Abbott Locksmiths is one of Australia’s largest and most respected safe suppliers. A safe deposit box may be placed discreetly in your construction area by Abbott’s skilled 24 hour locksmiths so you can ensure your important documents and valuables are secure if thieves do break-in. While choosing a safe deposit box might be a frightening task, you can rest confident that all Abbott’s safes are composed of hefty steel.

  1. Ensure Door Locks are Secure

Locks are not invincible and can fail at any time, particularly if they are not well-maintained. Therefore, to ensure your security site is entirely safe and secure from thefts and burglaries, you should get an emergency locksmith in Sydney to maintain your locks a few times a year. Our 24 hour locksmiths will be able to identity obsolete locks and replace them with state-of-the-art security locking systems to protect your building from thieves and maintain safety.

  1. Restricted Key Systems

Abbott’s fleet of emergency locksmiths in Sydney provides a broad range of high-performance restricted key products, ranging from security door systems to security keys. Restricted Key systems are hierarchical access systems to limit access to specific locations inside a structure. A business manager, for example, can open all doors of a facility, but a staff member can only open the front entrance and their office door.

  1. Access Control Systems

Access control cards grant only authorised individuals’ access to specific regions within a construction site. Access control is typically established in critical parts of a site where property, intellectual property, data, and people must be protected. Abbott’s SCEC certified 24 hour locksmiths is the highest level of security locksmiths who are competent and trusted to operate in high-security government and defence locations.

Employ Trustful Locksmiths Near Me Sydney

By ensuring your construction site has a detailed security plan, owners and staff can now focus their efforts on the more crucial duties of assuring on-site safety and the quality of your job.

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