5 Security Tips for Commercial Buildings During Covid Temporary Closures

Running a business in Australia is becoming more difficult during this age of social distancing and snap lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of the changes in NSW law, one thing is certain; even a pandemic will not put an end to burglary and stealing.

During these times of uncertainty, you can trust Abbotts Locksmiths for expert advice and guidance! Our teams of North-West Sydney locksmiths – from Locksmiths Five Dock to Locksmiths Chatswood and Locksmiths Ryde – are here to assist you. We will do everything possible to ensure that your commercial business can face the future with confidence.

So, to help, we’ve compiled a list of five essential security guidelines to establish the most substantial protection for your storefront while you’re away.

Enhance Your Door Security

No matter the location of your commercial property, all locksmiths – from Locksmiths Chatswood to Locksmiths Ryde – recommends shop owners lock all property entrance points as the first step to securing a building for an extended period.

Starting with the main front door first is a good idea, although don’t forget about other areas like the back doors, emergency doors, windows, garages, and ceiling cavities!

Upgrading entry locks is a cost-effective upgrade any Abbott’s Locksmith can achieve for your commercial business, which strengthens your property’s security in the unfortunate case of a forced entry attempt.

Check the Strength of Your Window Security

Windows are typically an overlooked security measure. But before locking your commercial building for an extended period, it will be beneficial to have Abbott’s Locksmiths look at the internal and external structure of the windows to ensure they are up to date.

For example, our Locksmiths Ryde and Locksmiths Chatswood will look for fractures between the frame and the glass panel, and if there are any cracks, it’s probably time for a replacement. Our North-West Sydney Locksmiths will also check the strength of your window grilles. They may recommend using window restrictors or strengthened glass on opening windows for ultimate security and maximum peace of mind.

Consider Installing Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras

Did you know that the presence of security cameras generally discourages opportunistic theft?

Hence, installing CCTV cameras or motion-activated lights at all entrances is exceptionally beneficial for storefronts unoccupied for a long time. Outside your commercial business, Abbott’s Locksmiths – from Locksmiths Chatswood to Locksmiths Five Dock and Locksmiths Ryde – can install CCTV cameras in the most optimal location, which will deter thieves.

For example, surveillance cameras are most effective when pointed towards the road or a pathway so that your security cameras may capture any suspicious behaviour before and after a possible break-in occurs. Since these cameras are usually hardwired, it’s preferable to have them installed by specialists, like an Abbotts Locksmith Ryde.

Commercial business owners must also consider the internal CCTV security of their store. Abbotts Locksmiths can install a few cameras in front of all entry points, including front doors, rear doors, and windows. CCTV should also be installed in critical places to monitor things like cash registers and safes. Again, it’s better to get the help of specialists in this case.

Install a Safe Deposit Box

A criminal usually will not break into a locked store unless there is a substantial payoff. As a result, a good plan of precaution is to eliminate or diminish their incentive. For example, no matter the location of your cash register in the store, leave it open to indicate nothing inside.

Instead, keep your cash and most valuable objects in a safe deposit box!

All Abbott’s Locksmiths – from Locksmiths Ryde to Locksmiths Chatswood and Locksmiths Five Dock – agree that commercial establishments benefit significantly for various reasons with a safe deposit box. As personal assets and business documents can be kept safe from theft with a safe deposit box.

When most people think of safes, they think of burglary protection to keep valuables and papers secure. Although there are many types of safe deposit boxes, some may protect your sentimental possessions in the case of a natural disaster.

For example, fire poses a severe threat to valuables; thus, if your commercial property is located in a region where bushfires are widespread, a fireproof home safe would be your best alternative. In addition, if you live in a flood-prone area, a fireproof home safe can also protect your belongings from water damage. Plus, it’s best to be prepared for any scenario when closing your storefront for an extended time.

Fireproof home safes have an SP Fire Resistant Certification that meets stringent international requirements. Paper is protected from high heat for 30 minutes up to 2 hours, and due to their strength and weight, fireproof safes deter theft since they are difficult to move and force open.

Fireproof home safes have multiple fire protecting elements such as fire-resistant mineral compounds, expanding fire seals, heavy-duty firewalls, and reinforced composite construction. Check the fire rating before purchasing a fireproof home safe, which specifies how long the contents can survive fire and high heat.

Abbott Locksmiths is one of Australia’s most reputable and largest safe deposit box providers. We supply new and used home safe deposit boxes anywhere in Australia for all sorts of residential and commercial needs. From fireproof home safes to safe deposit boxes, Abbott’s comprehensive safe inventory caters to all budgets.

Employ Trustful Locksmiths Near Me Sydney

The security procedures outlined in this article are helpful for any type of property, whether a business is currently operational or not. It’s essential to take the time to figure out precisely what your company needs to be safe. But most importantly, businesses should hire the help of authorised and verified security specialists to ensure your property is secure to the highest possible standards.

For trustful locksmith services, speak to an Abbotts “Locksmith Near Me” today to discuss your security options for your commercial property.

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No matter where you live in Sydney, our technicians can quickly diagnose problems and work to provide prompt solutions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the security items listed in the article, including door locks, fireproof home safes, and safe deposit boxes, our “Locksmith Near Me” team is here to guide you.

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