Whether you are looking to secure a home, a shop, or a commerci al property, every premise will be different, and you need to know that your system has the flexibi lity to adapt to your requirements. For example, the Solution 6000 intuitive user interface and hig h-speed programming software make it an easy-to-use complete security solution ideal for com mercial premises and larger homes.

With the ability to be expanded to support up to 144 wired or w ireless detection devices and up to 16 doors of access control, the Solution 6000 is a cost-effecti ve security solution that can grow as your needs increase. And with the ability to cater to up to 990 users, supporting programmable authority levels and simplistic operation, the Solution 6000 ca n provide the perfect fit even in the largest security applications.

  • Integrated access and alarm
  • 16 access control readers or keypads
  • Full-text menu display for programming & user control
  • Smart Card, biometric and external readers, with external keypad options
  • Up to 144 wired or wireless zones & 990 users
  • Supported communication formats include Conettix IP, GSM, SMS, Email, ContactID, GPRS, CSV IP, SIA 3+ Text, Voice and Domestic Dial
  • SMS via Bosch GSM & SMS panel control
  • Up to 40 outputs available
  • Cloud connectivity, including push notification, remote control, and monitoring


Access Control is no longer reserved only for larger, more expensive systems. Instead, Solution 6000 incorporates Smart Card technology from Bosch, providing an affordable and effective solution for integrated access control for up to 16 doors – making it suitable for anything from the front door of your home up to mid-sized commercial installations.


Solution 6000 includes advanced Smart Card technology. Smart Card systems are designed to provide a higher level of security and incorporate microprocessors capable of handling encryption functions on the card itself.


The versatility of the Solution 6000 is captured in its ability to provide the right arming option for your needs. For example, up to 990 individual system users have the choice of arming and disarming using a unique PIN code (up to 8 digits long), a wireless remote, Smart Card or token, biometric fingerprint or by using the Auto Arm function.


Extend to control the locking of gates or turning building lights on and off, providing a complete security & access solution. The WiFI enabled keypads sit on the wired RS485 panel LAN as with other keypads but also act as a WiFi connection device and antenna for the panel, allowing it to join existing wireless networks in your home or business.


Site Manager is a software platform for the Bosch Solution 6000 intrusion panels that gives you the ability to easily administer your system’s day-to-day operations. The software allows a security manager to control multiple panels in different locations through conventional IP networks, giving them access to user lists, access control, time zones, and system and user activity logs.


With your Solution 6000 panel connected to MyAlarm, you’ll be able to make use of the iFob Control app available on both IOS and AndroidOS. With this app, you’ll be able to check on the status of any Solution 6000 panel connected to your account, arm or disarm the system, operate doors and outputs, and even view the panel event log.

What’s more, you can assign up to ten mobile devices to each panel allowing other users access to similar functions with permissions and restrictions that you can set easily through the MyAlarm web interface.