Keyless Car Entry

Contrary to common belief, your local car dealership is not the only option when you require car key replacement – even for the latest and most complex key models. The dealerships market themselves as the only solution so that they can charge you extortionate prices. Fortunately, our experienced Auto Locksmiths at Abbott Locksmiths can provide affordable and convenient replacement of keyless remotes/fobs or traditional car keys.


How Does Keyless Entry Work?

Keyless car entries are now the standard modern feature in new cars. These allow for easy opening and locking of your car, without the need to physically use your car key at all – a fully keyless system that doesn’t even require any button-pushing.

Unlike a regular key, which can be cut cheaply and quickly, many modern car keys contain technology similar to a computer. These small chips store data, which communicate via radio signals with the car to remotely lock, unlock, start the ignition, open the car boot and control services like opening automatic doors and operating security alarms.


What are the Problems with Keyless Entry?

Whilst cars with Passive Keyless Entry and Start (PKES) is handy; there is still likely risks of car theft. The radio signals emitted via the car can be hacked, tricking the system into thinking the key is nearby. Your wireless key signals can also be replicated when the key is close to the car, which is a concern for cars parked in house driveways.

Police departments have recommended to keep keyless remotes or fobs away from the exterior of your house and place them in a sealed metal box. At Abbott’s we have a range of safes which can block signals from potential robbers, to safeguard your car. Another way we can help you protect your car against thieves is to provide you with a steering wheel lock, which acts as a second line of defence.


Where to Get Car Key Replacements Sydney?

Abbott Locksmiths offers automotive locksmith services in Sydney, meaning our experienced locksmiths can come to you promptly when you are stuck. With emergency locksmith services in Sydney, we notify our nearest technician so that you get a quick response time as well as the quality service you expect.

Our technicians quickly diagnose problems and work to provide prompt solutions. If you have any questions or concerns, our team are here to offer a resolution. To give you an exact quote for car key cutting or replacement, please provide us with various details about your vehicle, such as the make, model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

At Abbott Locksmiths, we are highly experienced Auto Locksmiths in Sydney. We have been providing Locksmith Services, such as car key cutting and car key replacement to residents and businesses in Sydney for decades. We provide a Mobile Locksmith Service, to ensure we can help you at your time of need, and you only need to read our rave client reviews to give you peace of mind. For more information on why you should choose Abbott Locksmiths for any of your Locksmith requirements, please contact our friendly team on 1300 655 787.