Fully Adjustable shelves

Constructed from solid 10mm steel plate door and body to Australian health and Pharmaceutical
specifications. NOT FIRE PROOF


SD2-200 – EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS*H x W x D (mm)600 x 450 x 200, 4 x Fully Adjustable shelves

Weight: 87kg

  • DOOR: Laser cut 10mm steel plate with rear dog bar to ensure security even if hinges are cut through.
  • BODY: 10mm steel reinforced with steel bar all around front edges.
  • Torque limiting clutch mechanism for door handle.
  • 25mm solid steel active bolt work. Hardened steel plates to protect active locking bolts.
  • Anti-jack bottom hinge.
  • Mounting: 15mm mounting holes in back and base.
  • Powder coated hammer tone metallic silver finish.

Digital Locking

  • Quality UL certified SecuRam electronic digital safe lock mounted on hardened steel plate.
  • Secondary re-locking device in case of tampering.
  • Programmable management code and user code.
  • Errant access lockout feature.
  • Metal keypad housing. Operates on one 9 volt battery.
  • LCD screen display on screen programming and battery voltage monitor.

Key Locking

  • Quality Australian made Ross pick-resistant safe lock mounted on hardened steel plate

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