Secure cash management can be tricky to achieve in any situation, especially where different levels of access to cash are required.

Dominator Safes  DD, UC and PSD Series deposit safes are designed to provide limited access to the inside compartments of the safe, while allowing easy access to deposit cash or valuables through and secure deposit drawer or slot.



Available in Digital (D), Combination (C) or key (K)


  • External dimensions 762mm h x 508mm w x 508mm d
  • Internal dimensions 510mm* h x 500mm w x 454mm d
  • Weight: 118kg
  • Internal height includes storage area only.
  • Door open width 950mm
  • Door open depth 970mm
  • Capacity 169L
  • Internal Fittings 1 adjustable shelf
  • Paint finish Textured black paint
  • Locking points 5
  • Lock options LaGard Basic electronic, LaGard Group 2 mechanical combination or Ross 700 key lock
  • Bolt down provisions 4 internal bolt holes
  • Cash Rating $10,000 in an unsupported situation

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