What Safes are Theft Resistant?

When selecting a home safe or commercial safe, there are many details to consider; among the most important is a safe’s cash rating and insurance rating. A cash rating is a unit of measurement used to rank the ability of a safe to withstand a theft attack. The higher the cash rating, the more “theft resistant” a safe is considered compared to other safes on the market.

It is essential to understand that no safe is ultimately theft-resistant. Still, a “theft-resistant safe” is rated based on its quality and security level, determining how long it would take for an intruder to crack the safe open.

What Does a Safe’s Cash Rating Mean?

A safe’s cash rating is used to analyse the safe’s capabilities during a break-in, but is expressed in a dollar value. For example, a safe with a $100 000 cash rating is considered a high-grade safe, manufactured to resist intensive types of attacks. Whereas a low-grade safe with a cash rating of $5 000 is usually resistant to small hand tools such as screwdrivers and small prybars. Cash ratings have nothing to do with how much money or valuables can be stored.

Generally, high-grade safes with a high cash rating, have a higher purchase cost than a low-grade cash safe. Even so, more durable safes are worth the price if you need to store high-value items, offering many additional security benefits. Some of the theft-resistant features include interlocking bolts, re-locking devices, anti-drill plates, superior body, superior door thickness, time-delay functions and heavy glass re-locking devices.

High-grade safes are generally made from thick and dense concrete, making the safe much heavier and almost impossible to penetrate. Frequently the sheer weight and large size of the safe is enough to deter thefts, as they can’t steal the safe from the premises if they cannot lift it.

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What Does a Safe’s Insurance Rating Mean?

An Insurance Rating refers to the maximum amount of cash that an Insurance Company will cover if the safe is stolen. The cash rating may determine the insurance rating. The higher the rating, the more secure the safe is. Some considerations that insurance companies base an insurance rating on includes:

  • The quality and thickness of the materials used in manufacturing, on the door and walls.
  • Quantity and types of locking mechanisms used in the safe. E.g., the number of locking bolts and directions they lock-in.
  • Re-locking devices attached to the safe to prevent forced entry.

The insurance rating does not include the support of an alarm system, just the physical characteristics of the safe. However, insurance companies tend to recommend adding the support of an alarm system, as this makes breaking into the safe and escaping even harder for criminals, as sophisticated alarms can notify the police and security company immediately. If a monitored alarm is connected with the safe, generally, the cash rating and insurance rating will be doubled, but it is crucial to check with your specific insurance company.

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What Does a Fire-Resistant Safe Mean?

After a cash rating, the second most important consideration when selecting a safe is if the safe holds a fire-resistance certification. Fire-proof home safes explicitly have an SP Fire Resistant Certification and uphold strict international standards. Protecting paper and documents from extreme heat for approximately 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

Fire-resistant safes have multiple fire protecting elements such as; fire-resistant mineral compounds, heavy-duty firewalls, expanding fire seals and reinforced composite construction. When purchasing your next safe, look out for the fire rating, stating how long its contents can withstand fire and extreme heat.

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