What should I do if I lost my car key?

Losing your car keys is enough to cause even the calmest of people to frantically panic. This can be especially stressful if you are out and about and have managed to lose your car keys somewhere other than your home. The most favourable outcome would be to find your keys just where you left them, however we aren’t always that lucky. So what should you do if you’ve lost your car key?

Well, if you have a spare key, then there’s no need to worry. But if you don’t have a spare key, your situation is a little more complicated.

There are generally 2 common types of car keys, traditional car keys and car remote keys. Traditional car keys are simple metal keys and are most often used for older cars. Car remote keys feature buttons that allow you to remotely unlock and in luxury cars push button start your vehicle. Some car remote keys give the best of both worlds, with both a traditional metal key and the electronic key. The process of replacing each type of key differs as you can learn below. 

Traditional Car Key

Whilst everyone enjoys the simplicity that technological advancements offer us, traditional car keys are by far the best keys to lose, as they are the easiest to replace. This makes life easier, as they are cheaper and less difficult to replace. If you have an older car that has a traditional car key, all you need to do is simply get a new key cut by a professional automotive locksmith.

If you’ve lost your car key or locked yourself out of your vehicle, the professional automotive locksmiths at A.Abbott Locksmiths can meet you wherever you are in Sydney, and provide you with a replacement traditional car key to get you back on your way. This is possible when the lock code is accessible, which is generally found on the lock, in the log book, or the manufacturer may need to be contacted.

However, if the code cannot be found and the lock is damaged, the process becomes more difficult and a key may not be able to be cut there on the spot. In this situation, the lock barrel will need to be stripped down, which is a time consuming process and cannot be done at the site of the locked car.

Car Remote Keys

Replacing a remote car key is much more complicated than replacing a traditional car key, due to its technological components. With most modern car models today boasting car remote keys, it is fortunate that they can indeed be replaced. If you have lost your car remote key but have a spare key, then the automotive locksmiths at Abbott Locksmiths can duplicate your spare remote key. Dealerships can also reproduce your spare car remote key, however their service is much more expensive than from an automotive locksmith, such as A.Abbott Locksmiths.

What to do if you lose your car keys and don’t have a spare?

If you have managed to lose your car remote key without the backup of a spare key, you will need to contact your dealership for assistance. If you have no car remote keys, the computer in your car will need to be reset or possibly even replaced, so that it is able to pair up with a new set of car remote keys. This is a very complex and costly job, which is why it pays greatly to get a spare key made as soon as you lose one of your car keys.

Key Lock Box for Car

To ensure the safety of your car keys whilst out and about, why not try a key lock box for your car. A key lock box can be secured to your car whilst you are enjoying a surf or swim. The car keys are locked inside and can only be accessed by inputting a combination code. This is a great option for those people who often lose their keys or need to leave their car and cannot take a set of keys with them.

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