Where is the best place to install a safe in the home?

We all have valuables that we’d like to keep safe, ranging from family heirlooms and treasures to important documentation that we don’t want to end up in the wrong hands. A safe is the best way to protect our valuables from thieves, though with a range of fireproof safes available, a safe is also a good way to protect valuables from water and fire damage. When searching for fireproof safes in Sydney, it’s important to note that fireproof safes are only fire resistant, and resist fire for only a certain amount of time. The time that the safe can withstand fire is dependent on the safe’s fire rating. A Locksmith in Sydney will be able advise you on which safe will fulfil your needs best.

The placement of the safe within the home will depend on numerous factors. When choosing the best place to install a safe, get in touch with an experienced Locksmith in Sydney who will be able to assist you with determining which location will be the most effective. Some factors to consider include:

  • Is the safe a wall safe, floor safe or is it free standing?
  • If the safe is a floor safe, is the floor strong enough to withstand the weight of the safe?
  • How big is the safe? How much does it weigh? Is it too heavy to lift? Is there enough access to move the safe into location?
  • Will you access the safe on a regular basis, which would require the safe to be easily accessible?
  • Who will install and secure the safe?

Answering the above questions will greatly help your Locksmith to provide you with quality advice. Locksmiths also supply high quality safes in Sydney and can assist you with selecting the most effective safe for your valuables and needs.

Where should you not install a safe?

Locksmiths in Sydney will advise against installing a safe in the main bedroom and the garage. One of the most common places people choose to install a safe is in the main bedroom. However thieves are aware of this, which makes it a common target.

The garage is also not considered to be a safe place to install a safe, as it can easily be accessed from the street when the garage door is open.

Where should you install a safe?

When searching for a safe in Sydney, you’ll notice that there are different types of safes,with some protecting against theft, whilst others safeguard against fire and floods, or a  combination of these. If the purpose of your home safe is to protect against burglary, it’s best to find a location that will be hard for a thief to find. There may be a part of the house that is not easily accessed or found. Or you may decide to enclose the safe within cabinetry such as a closet in a bedroom other than the main bedroom. A wall safe can be hidden behind a false cabinet back, whilst a floor safe could be covered with removable carpet or flooring. Locksmiths in Sydney will be able to recommend other ways of concealing your safe.

If your sole purpose is to protect your valuables against fire damage, then the best place to install the safe would be at the junction of two outer walls, to increase stability in the event of a fire.

If you live in a flood zone, then it’s best to install the safe on one of the upper levels of your home if you have a multi storey house. If your home is single storey, then you can attach the safe to a concrete base that is anchored to the structural foundations of the house. A professional Locksmith in Sydney will be able to advise you on the most appropriate location for your safe, given your circumstances and needs.

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