Where is the Best Place to Install a Safe in Your Home?

Purchasing a safe to secure your valuables in case of theft, fire, or other unforeseen misfortunes is a sensible option. However, a home safe can only be as secure as the installation when it comes to a robbery. For example, if a safe is not correctly installed, the criminal may be able to steal the safe from your property to break it open later.

When it comes to the best place to installing a home safe, there is no one-size-fits-all location ideal for all residential properties, as every house is unique. However, as expert locksmiths in Sydney, we can suggest specific locations where a safe can be installed to secure assets for prevailing circumstances, including burglary, fire, and flooding.

Where NOT to Install a Home Safe

Even though smaller safes can be hidden in various parts of the home, safe installation is not recommended for particular areas which are visibly less secure. For example, the bedroom wardrobe is one of the most popular safe installation locations, but of course, this is the first place a burglar will look. As a result, we advise finding an alternative hiding spot.

The garage should only be a home safe installation option if it is secured to the concrete or the safe be of substantial weight. As this is generally the least secure part of a home and is usually not alarmed. For example, it is common that garage doors are left unlocked and open, making it easier for thieves to steal safes from, but sometimes they are too large or heavy and there is no other option.

Where to Install a Home Safe for Security Against Burglary

Instead, homeowners might install a home safe under a sink in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area. These are the areas where a burglar is least likely to look. Get creative with safe installations by considering out of the way and inconspicuous locations to keep your safe undiscovered.

If you have a linen closet, this is another good option for home safe installation. These cupboards are usually stuffed to the brim with items, making it difficult for someone in a hurry to pull everything out unless they are specifically seeking a safe.

Safes that are installed in the ground or on the wall are also available. Consider the movies when the picture frame is taken away from the wall to expose a safe. These are meant to be unobtrusive, and depending on your property, they may be the best option.

As a result, keeping a safe in a less visible area is a smart idea, ensuring the safe is out of view from the front door and away from easy-to-see-in windows.

Also, consider if your safe will be permanently installed or removable. Fixed safes are more secure since criminals may easily remove the entire safe and break into it from a distance. On the other hand, fixed safe deposit boxes are not always the greatest option if you plan to relocate or are renting.

Where to Install a Home Safe for Security Against Bushfires

Particularly for Sydney locations that are further from the metropolitan areas, bushfires are a significant concern. For example, Locksmiths Penrith regularly suggests that the community installs home safes at the intersection of two exterior walls, giving maximum protection and support. Locksmiths Penrith suggests it is preferable to install a safe on the bottom floor if the house has multiple stories.

Where to Install a Home Safe for Security Against Floods

Particularly for Sydney properties in flood-prone areas, near beaches and rivers, installing the home safe in an ideal location for security against floods is essential. For example, Locksmiths Rosebay regularly installs safes in above ground level positions. So, in the likely event of flood damage, the high location will give the belongings the best chance of surviving or being lost in a flood.

Locksmiths Rosebay also recommends building a concrete or steel base to support the safe in flood-prone locations. The safe can be kept at least two feet from the floor by anchoring the base in the house’s framework.

What is the Best Type of Home Safe?

A fireproof home safe will be your best option if you live in an area commonly threatened by bush fires, as popularly recommended by Locksmiths Penrith.

But fireproof home safes are also quite suitable for flood-prone locations to secure your possessions from water damage. Though most fireproof home safes are water-resistant, Locksmiths Rosebay still suggests keeping precious documents, gadgets, or pictures in a waterproof container to be cautious.

Fireproof home safes explicitly have an SP Fire Resistant Certification and uphold rigorous international standards. Fireproof home safes protect paper from extreme heat for approximately 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Fireproof safes also discourage theft due to their strength and weight, making them difficult to move and force open.

Fireproof home safes have multiple fire protecting elements such as fire-resistant mineral compounds, expanding fire seals, heavy-duty firewalls, and reinforced composite construction. Before investing in a fireproof home safe, check the fire rating, which states how long its contents can withstand fire and extreme heat.

Speak to the Reputable Safe Installers

Since each home will have a different ideal safe installation spot and due to the fact that proper safe installation is so crucial, it is essential to speak to reputable safe installers to ensure secure outcomes. The reputable safe installers at Abbott’s Locksmiths will consider the ideal secure spot in your property for your fireproof home safe.

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