Why is it Important to Choose a SCEC Approved Locksmith?

When choosing a locksmith, there are several vital requirements to consider before you book. Getting in touch with a local, reliable and trustworthy locksmith isn’t as simple these days, as there are so many available.

One of the most stringent certifications to achieve is a SCEC certification, which ensures a locksmith provides high-quality services, as they are qualified and trusted to work discretely in high-security government and defence areas.

What Does a SCEC Approved Locksmith Mean?

The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) is a national inter-departmental committee, responsible for the evaluation of security equipment used in Australian government departments and agencies.

A SCEC approved locksmith has met high standards of integrity, honesty and confidentiality as they work on behalf of the Australian government and are required to renew their approval every four years. The certification demonstrates that the locksmith is highly specialised, successfully achieving an intensive ASIO/T4 training program, with the current government and police approval to have a high-security clearance.

A.Abbott Locksmiths have been servicing Australian Government agencies for many years. Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced locksmith teams offer services relied on all over Sydney. Our SCEC Approved Locksmith Services continue to make Australians feel more secure, whilst keeping their valuables safe.

If you need something secured professionally and reliably, then speak to the SCEC Approved Locksmiths at A.Abbott Locksmiths who work for the government in a variety of ways, such as maintaining mechanical and digital lock combinations within Australian government high-security zones. They also advise government clients on how best to protect their people, information and physical assets.

SCEC approved locksmiths can also advise non-government organisations on information such as perimeter security, access control measures, CCTV, alarm systems, lock and other door hardware, advice on the construction of new buildings, security zone constructions, guarding arrangements, security audits, administrative and personnel security. Whether you need locksmith advice in Drummoyne or Ryde, you can trust the professional services of Abbott Locksmiths.

SCEC Equipment Ratings

Security products are evaluated by the SCEC committee to determine which are best suited for use in Australian Government facilities. The approved security products are on the Security Equipment Evaluated Protect List (SEEPL).

The SEEPL is sorted by category priorities, which ranks products as determined by the government, from the highest level of importance to products achieving the minimum requirements. For security purposes, the standards of the SEEPL products are not public knowledge, for security purposes; however, the four categories are as followed.

  • SL4 High Risk
  • SL3 Medium Risk
  • SL2 Low to Medium Risk
  • SL1 Low Risk

It is also important to note that security clearances are not just related to locks, but also to the surrounding infrastructure, including items such as door frames, walls and ceilings, which are often included as part of the required locksmithing work.

Where Can I find SCEC Certified Locksmiths?

Abbott Locksmiths offers mobile locksmith services in Sydney, meaning we can remove your safe, transport it and install it in your new location in a timely manner, with no disruption to your operation. We are compliant with NSW Work Health & Safety requirements and use top of the line equipment to ensure prompt and reliable workmanship.

Abbott Locksmiths also offers 24 hours emergency locksmith services in Sydney, meaning when you call for locksmith services, we notify our nearest technician so that you get a quick response time, as well as the quality service you expect. Our technicians quickly diagnose problems and work to provide prompt solutions. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is here to offer a resolution.

At Abbott Locksmiths, we have been offering Professional Locksmith Services to customers in Australia for 50 years. You can rely on our knowledge and expertise for quality advice, workmanship, products and parts. We specialise in safe opening and safe relocation and offer a wide range of new safe and second-hand safe products for purchase online and in-store.

For more information on why to choose Abbott Locksmiths for your new safe, please read what customers have said about us in our reviews or contact our friendly locksmith team on 1300 655 787.