3 Tips For Increasing The Security Of Your Home

Have you been searching for locksmith Penrith, locksmith Parramatta or locksmith Ryde? Are you wanting to keep your family safe and are looking for tips on how to increase the security of your home? Our friendly and experienced team at Abbotts Locksmiths can assist with any locksmith inquiries you may have about increasing the security of your home, which in turn will provide peace of mind!

There are many ways to increase the level of security in your home to various levels. A couple of examples may include installing a home security system, whether that is a CCTV system or alarm system, utilising safe deposit boxes for valuables and ensuring key and lock systems are up to date.

Below are 3 tips on how you can increase the security of your home:

1. Install a home security system

A security system such as a CCTV system will capture video footage of any movement at a residential property. CCTV systems work by transmitting video footage through a closed circuit, which can be monitored remotely from a mobile phone. At Abbott Locksmiths, we have a range of CCTV cameras, CCTV recorders and CCTV monitors to ensure video footage is captured and stored effectively. We have a talented team of Locksmiths who specialise in installing CCTV systems, which may be installed alongside a home alarm system for maximum security.

A home alarm system aims to protect against home invasion, theft and natural disasters such as fires, plumbing issues such as burst pipes and in some cases it may pick up on a medical emergency. Home alarm systems can be installed and monitored professionally, which will be able to assist in case of an issue, as the professional monitoring may pick up on it before you do. Depending on the model of the home alarm system, it may be able to be monitored anywhere in the world due to wireless internet connected systems.

2. Utilise a safe for valuables

Safes are a good way to store valuables or information securely. Valuable items such as technology, jewellery or sentimental items and important documents such as bank statements or birth certificates. A fireproof safe will provide an extra layer of protection by keeping your valuables and information safe for 30 minutes to 2 hours in the event of a residential fire. Fireproof safes are generally more durable and are heavier in comparison to general safes, which often deters anyone from trying to damage or open the safe, making fireproof safes a great option for protecting your valuables from both theft and fires.

Utilising a reputable and experienced locksmith Parramatta from Abbotts Locksmiths may be beneficial when installing a safe deposit box or a fireproof safe to ensure that the safety box is set up correctly, and for assistance when finding the best fit for you and your requirements.

3. Ensure key and lock systems are up to date

Ensuring key and lock systems are up to date may sound obvious, although there have been many advancements with lock systems which may be useful if you are looking to upgrade your lock system. Alongside lock advancements, it is helpful to ensure that any worn or broken locks are replaced to ensure that your home is locked, and keys work effectively.

Ensuring all entry points of your home are locked, whether that be with a regular lock and key, or with a padlock on fences, any type of lock is useful in keeping your home a bit more secure, and these measures are generally more successful to deter people from theft and entering.

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