Access Control enables access to specific areas only to authorised people. Access Control is usually installed within sensitive areas of a building, which would require a high level of protection to property, intellectual property, data and people. Access Control enhances the way you protect your facility, people, and assets.

What are the Benefits of Access Control?

There are many benefits of Implementing Access Control Solutions to your premises. The following key benefits can not only save you money in property loss or malicious damage but also have the ability-to save your life.

The ability to access certain areas with ease, via way of a Pin Code Reader or Swipe Card limits access to authorised people only. This ensures undesirables or criminals are deterred as entry is restricted and therefore eliminating the possibility of theft or vandalism. This is quite important in accessible areas like Car Parking Lots, Elevators and Building Departments, which would be the main access points of the building.

As Access Control enables only authorised people to enter, this also means that access is monitored and recorded, which also reduces instances of Employee Theft, as Employees know their access activity is being monitored.

Access Control is also key in protecting Computer Data in server rooms where information is paramount. This also extends to providing an additional layer of protection for people who may wish to store their Access Control Data off-site and in the cloud. Cloud Based Access Control systems, enable system administrators to manage Access Control Data Remotely and can be managed from anywhere in the world, where they have an internet connection.