Safe Brands

We stock a wide range of quality reputable Safe Brands. Our highly trained New Safe Experts are here to recommend which type of New Safe will be appropriate for your security application. We can also recommend the types of locks or security options available with your New Safe Installation. We can deliver and Install your New Safe anywhere in Australia and our New Safe Technicians are available to support you learning how to use your New Safe. A.Abbott Locksmiths are New Safe Experts and have been Supplying and Installing New Safes to residents and businesses in Australia for more than 50 years.

Platinum Safes

Platinum Safes is a 100% Australian owned company known for our excellence in the manufacturing of highly secure safes and security cabinets. Their products are entrusted to protect assets and valuables across in a wide range of businesses within the commercial, education, health, retail, tourism and government sectors as well as the residential market.

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Chubb Safes

Chubb Safes is one of the oldest safe brands in the world. Trusted the world over, the Chubb Safes solutions have been providing protection around the globe for people, cash and valuables for almost 200 years. Chubb Safes products are well-known and appreciated for their unique combination of robustness, reliability and modern design.

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CMI Safe Co

CMI Safe Co is a proudly Australian and family owned company. The CMI Safe Company is a trusted supplier to all State and Federal Governments and many of Australia’s leading national companies. They continue to develop ongoing, working relationships with clients and we have become a major manufacturer of safes and allied security products for the Australian market.

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Dominator Safes is an Australian owned safe brand, committed to the design and supply of the highest quality domestic, commercial and specialty safes. With over 40 years of combined experience in the safe and security industry, the team behind Dominator Safes has applied their expertise to each and every safe they design.

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Dominator Safes have been one of Australia’s most trusted safe brands for over a decade. The Infinity Safes line represent the endless possible configurations available for customising Dominator DS, FA or FX Series Safes. Including Custom Painted Safes, Custom Leather and Vinyl Bound Safes, the choice is yours.

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Whether you need safes for home or business security, Guardall offers a selection of over 90 different robust safe models to choose from. Including everything gun safes to home safes, Guardall has got you covered. The Guardall range remains affordable and competitively priced, allowing more Aussie home-owners and businesses to benefit from their exceptional quality.

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Secuguard is an Australian safe brand offering a range of quality safe products including home and office safes, gun safes, cash deposit safes, floor safes and more. Their range of affordable and high quality safes give you peace of mind, knowing that your valuables are protected and secure.

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