Creating Users and Assigning user access permissions is the fou ndation of any access control system. Integriti provides an easy-to-use and incredibly flexibl e permission system that mandates which areas and under which conditions users are granted access.

Integriti provides customisable alarm and event filters that ena ble users to filter irrelevant system information and only view events relevant to the operator’s rol e. In addition, operators can gain insightful information and ensure an appropriate response to in cidents as they occur in real-time.

The Integriti Mobile App packs a powerful punch of accessibility and control for your Integriti security and access control system and is compatible with most major mobile devices.

With the app, users can:

  • Arm or disarm your Integriti security system remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Lock or unlock your doors remotely
  • Get convenient remote control of doors, inputs, auxiliaries, security areas, and automated tasks
  • View the system event log (review) and apply time or event cate gory filters and event colour coding
  • Create home page widgets for fast access to common tasks
  • Creation of background maps with icon overlays
  • Set up advanced timed control of doors and auxiliaries


Provides multi-site access control, intruder detection and Smart Building technology supporting millions of users and 100,000s of doors and detection points.


Monitors and controls the movement of all personnel and vehicles across multiple facilities. Integriti utilises an industry-leading access permission system as well as support for standard access credentials such as cards, facial recognition and mobile phone-based tokens.


Protects critical assets and manages staff and visitors’ safety by monitoring thousands of detection points, communicating back to base, and pushing notifications to mobile devices.


Manages the organization’s entire security operation from a single user interface. With Integriti acting as the complete Security Management System, integrate a variety of security and intelligent building sub-systems, such as Video Surveillance, Mobile Duress, Lighting, Intercom etc.