Automotive KEYS

Ever wondered what you would do if you lost your car key? Even though your Automotive key may contain data specific to your car, it is possible to replace your automotive keys for a range of most modern Japanese or European cars.

From cutting keys to all your ‘standard’ vehicles to the latest in modern transponder immobiliser technology. A.Abbott Locksmiths offer a comprehensive car key repair and re-key, service for replacement of virtually all vehicle makes and models, with all locks being able to be re-keyed to a users’ original key for convenience.  We also provide Automotive or Car Key Replacement Mobile Services for car “lock-outs”, so you will never need to worry about getting up and running whilst on the go.

Automotive Locks

Repairing or replacing a lock in your car, is possible for most makes and models, but it is a service that is only possible from within our shop. Our Automotive Lock Services include Re-Keying locks and Repairing Damaged locks. This can only be done at our shop, as it requires specific machines which are not able to be transported, so this service is not offered as a mobile service to our customers.  However, should you lock your keys in your car, we are able to access your car from our mobile services.