A.Abbott Locksmiths are one of Australia’s Largest and most reputable Safe Providers. We deliver anywhere in Australia and have New or Used Safes for all types of Residential or Commercial Safe requirements. From Drug Safes through to Wall Safes, Drug Safes and more, our friendly Safe Experts are on hand to recommend a Safe for your specific requirements. We stock only the very best Safe Brands and we have been Selling and Installing Safes in Australia for more than 50 years.

New Safes

We stock a wide range of quality New Safes from reputable Safe Brands. Our highly trained New Safe Experts are here to recommend which type of New Safe will be appropriate for your security application. We can also recommend the types of locks or security options available with your New Safe Installation. We can deliver and Install your New Safe anywhere in Australia and our New Safe Technicians are available to support you learning how to use your New Safe. A.Abbott Locksmiths are New Safe Experts and have been Supplying and Installing New Safes to residents and businesses in Australia for more than 50 years.

Second Hand Safes

We come across a lot of Used or Second Hand Safes, as there are a number of clients who upgrade their Second Hand Safes to New Safes, which might suit there new requirements. Used Safes are equally as good as New Safes, as they are built to last, and for that reason we have no problem in recommending a Second Hand Safe.

We stock the most reputable brands from Second Hand Home Safes through to Second Hand Commercial Safes, Firearms Safes, Drug Safes and much more. So, if you are wondering the difference between buying a New Safe or a Second Hand Safe, feel free to speak to one of our friendly Used Safe Experts, for advice on selecting a Second Hand Safe for your specific needs.