Fireproof Home Safe Vs Bank Safe Deposit Box – What is the Safest Way to Store Your Valuables?

The most typical items you may keep secure in a home safe – such as valuables like documents you rarely need and large sums of cash – may, in fact, be the ones that shouldn’t be stored there. Other items like insurance documents and priceless heirlooms also need to be stored safely. With more emphasis being placed on protecting digital records, a need remains to secure your most precious physical belongings.

Most people have valuables they want to keep secure, but what is the best way to store them? Many people opt for their precious items to be protected in either a fireproof home safe or a safe deposit box.

As professional emergency locksmiths, we understand the priority of keeping your valuables secure. It isn’t easy knowing how to pick the right safe, what to put in it. So, here are some recommendations on the safest ways to secure your assets in a safe.


Fireproof Home Safe

Usually, anything of value can be stored in a fireproof home safe to protect valuables from theft and fire. A fireproof home safe is your best option if you live in an area commonly threatened by bushfires, as popularly recommended by Locksmiths Penrith. A perfect spot to keep your fireproof home safe is on the hard floor in your garage. We recommend anchoring it to the wall or floor to give maximum protection and support.

Items that you should keep in your home safe include passports and insurance policy documents. These items can be easily accessible 24/7, as compared to banks. Small amounts of emergency cash or even vintage photographs are the kinds of things that can also be placed in your fireproof home safe. Important documents or items you may need to access frequently should be stored at home.

Often burglars may try to break into your home and force open your safe before thinking about breaking into a bank and swiping your safety deposit box. However, fireproof home safes can deter theft activity due to their strength and weight, making them difficult to move and force open.

It is vital to contact an expert emergency locksmith so that they can help you choose the best commercial fireproof safe for your home. Whether you need locksmith services in Balmain or locksmith services in Penrith, Abbott Locksmiths can supply and install the best fireproof home safe to suit your personal or recreational requirements.


Bank safe deposit box

A bank safe deposit box can be of great use as they are waterproof and fireproof and are not located in a home where it may be vulnerable to thieves or natural disasters. By keeping important original paperwork off-site, you can rest assured that you will be able to access them, and they won’t be destroyed.

Another positive factor is that safe deposits in banks are constantly under tight security. Valuables cannot be stolen from your property if they are not there. Banks have access to the best and latest equipment with the most advanced and highly sophisticated technologies. This gives better peace of mind in most cases.

Typical items stored in safety deposit boxes include precious metals like gold or silver, jewellery, family heirlooms, or even originals of essential documents.

However, just note that access to your safe deposit box can be limited during emergencies, including natural disasters. The coronavirus pandemic also impacted bank branches through reduced operating hours and limited access to appointments for in-branch services, such as access to safe deposit boxes. Be mindful not to use your safe deposit box to store anything you might need entry to quickly or when the bank is not open.


Consider which is better for you

While some people may prefer keeping their valuables stored in a bank safe deposit box, other people may prefer the accessibility and privacy of a home safe. It’s just a case of figuring out your priorities and acknowledging which type of safe most suits your needs.

The choice is a long term investment so ensure that you take your time choosing the perfect safe. Once you start to do your research and shop around, you will soon discover many variants of safes ranging from various weights, features, price points and sizes.

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