Gun Safes 101

Firearms are dangerous, and if not kept safely can be significant contributors to death and injury. Australia upholds strict laws on gun possession and safe storage. It is imperative that all gun holders store their firearms correctly in a gun safe, in order to avoid harsh penalties, fines or even imprisonment.

Australian Gun Laws

Firearm possession across all Australian states was reformed after 1996. Under the National Firearms Agreement, it is an offence if you fail to “take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safekeeping of a firearm, to ensure it is not lost or stolen and that it does not come into possession of someone who is not authorised to use it” (Section 39 of the Firearms Act). This offence comes with a maximum penalty of a $2200 fine and/or 12 months’ imprisonment.

This is why it is so important that you store your firearms in a secure safe where access is restricted.

Gun Storage Requirements

Under sections 4 and 41 of the National Firearm Agreement 1996, it is an offence to not uphold your state’s firearm storage requirements whenever the gun/s are not in use. The legal requirements of safe storage of firearms depend on the type of firearm you possess and the type of license you hold. The penalties for failing to comply with safe storage requirements are strictly enforced and vary depending on the category of firearm used.

At Abbott Locksmiths we have gun safes for sale which not only meet all the relevant state and territory requirements, but exceed them. The minimum requirements for the safe keeping and storage of common firearms include:

  • When a gun is not being used it must be stored in a locked receptacle which has been approved by the Commissioner of Police and is constructed of hard wood or steel and not easily penetrable.
  • If the gun safe weighs less than 150 kilograms when empty, it must be bolted internally to a wall in order to prevent easy removal.
  • The locks of the gun safe must be made of solid metal and be approved by the Commissioner.
  • The gun safe door should be fitted with at least a three-point locking mechanism to prevent unauthorised entry. Additional features could include a deadbolt or padlock.

It should also be noted that ammunition must also be stored in a locked container or locked display case separate from where the gun/s is stored. Abbott Locksmiths also supply ammunition containers which are highly secure, fitted with either an internal locking mechanism or a large padlock. The key to this lock or padlock should not be kept within the firearm cabinet. Any external lock (padlock) must be a minimum of 40mm.

Locksmiths Sydney – Purchasing your next Gun Safe

Abbott Locksmiths can supply and install any gun safe in Sydney that meet all Government Firearm standards and regulations throughout Australia including; Security Level 1 & 2 and Category A, B, C, D & H as per The Firearms Act 1996. With Abbott Locksmiths we supply mobile locksmith services in Sydney, if there are any issues with your gun safe our 24-hour locksmith services can help solve any issue.

Our popular gun safes can store a wide range of sized or shaped gun from pistols, revolvers and rifles. We can cater to any specifications, for the safe storage of firearms in NSW.

At Abbott Locksmiths we have been offering Professional Locksmith Services to customers in Australia for 50 years. You can rely on our knowledge and expertise for quality advice, workmanship, products and parts. We specialise in safe opening and safe relocation and offer a wide range of new safe and second-hand safe products for purchase online and in-store. We also provide a 24hr emergency locksmith services, to ensure that our customers can reach us in their time of need. For more information on why to choose Abbott Locksmiths for your new safe, please read what customers have said about us in our reviews or contact our friendly locksmith team on 1300 655 787.