The Best Security for Your Airbnb Property and Holiday Home

If you’re new to Airbnb and holiday home hosting, you might not realise how many difficulties emerge while sharing your property with strangers, which is why the expert Residential Locksmiths at Abbott’s have compiled this list of security recommendations to assist you when hosting Airbnb guests.

Whether you’re renting out your investment property or personal home to Airbnb guests, the following home security products can protect your belongings and property whilst ensuring your guests have a simple check-in procedure and an excellent stay. From restricted key systems to safe deposit boxes and fireproof home safes, discover the must-have security for Airbnb properties.

Traditional Keys

There are many different methods to allow your visitors access, so what are the best locking solutions for Airbnb hosts? While traditional keys are an excellent security solution for a regular home, they are not ideal for Airbnb hosts.

Unless the key is in the custody of the property owner, a conventional key will always pose a threat, such as being misplaced, stolen or worse, if untrustworthy visitors take your keys to a local key cutter and duplicate them. Hence hosts need to explore more secure options available.

Restricted Key Systems

While restricted key products are more prevalent among commercial businesses, offices and industrial warehouses, A.Abbott offers a comprehensive selection of top-performing restricted key products suitable for residential installation.

A restricted key system is particularly ideal for access to short-term lodging, a much better upgrade than a set of conventional keys. While restricted keys are still physical keys, unlike traditional keys, restricted keys are impossible to copy, ensuring that no one can duplicate the key and have free access to the property.

Restricted key systems use unique key blanks that are only accessible from reputed locksmiths and are not available on the general market.

Restricted keys can also provide customised access, allowing for different access levels granted by separate keys. For example, an Airbnb host with numerous homes may have a ‘master’ key that opens each property, while visitors are given a key that just opens the house they are staying at.

The same logic can be applied to almost any application. For example, the visitors key can be restricted to certain doors and the home’s safe deposit box.

Electronic Access Systems

Electronic access systems are also ideal for Airbnb hosts, including basic keypad systems to internet-connected smart locks and high-end systems.

Electronic access systems are especially the best option for hosts that manage their proprieties remotely as a smart lock can typically be opened and closed remotely.

Electronic access systems also provide many advantages that allow hosts to offer simple fixed-term access to visitors. For example, a digital system can deliver a unique key code to the visitor’s phone, which expires at the end of their stay, ensuring past guests can’t get in with the same code unexpectedly. The codes can be changed remotely as well, and the same logic can be applied to electronically access safe deposit boxes and other areas in the holiday home.

Another benefit is that many electronic access control systems have an audit capability, making it simple to see who accessed which door at what time. However, most importantly, electronic access systems require no worries for lost, stolen or copied keys.

Fireproof Home Safe

Home safe deposit boxes can be quite valuable for an Airbnb property for many reasons. A safe deposit box can be used exclusively by the host to keep personal valuables secure from their guests, ensuring valuables and documents are safe from theft. But also, some safe deposit boxes can keep your sentimental valuables secure during accidents caused by guests and even in the event of a natural disaster.

In particular, fireproof home safes explicitly have an SP Fire Resistant Certification and uphold strict international standards. Fireproof home safes can protect paper and documents from extreme heat for approximately 30 minutes up to 2 hours, in the case of an accidental fire form your Airbnb guests or from a natural fire. Fireproof home safes also discourage theft due to their strength and weight, making them difficult to move and force open.

A.Abbott Locksmiths is one of Australia’s most reputable and largest safe deposit box providers. We deliver new and used home safe deposit boxes anywhere in Australia for all types of residential and commercial requirements. Abbott’s has an extensive home safe inventory to suit all budgets, from fireproof home safes to safe deposit boxes.

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