Are Master Keys Important for Commercial Businesses?

Commercial buildings are fast-paced facilitates with high and constantly shifting foot traffic from visitors and employees, as a result, the identities of people entering and leaving different rooms is hard to track. In these common situations, Experienced Locksmiths Sydney can help by installing and maintaining master key systems that allow more control on monitoring movements and security as a whole.

A master key is any type of key that can open two or more locks, and they can be tailored to suit complex enterprises all the way to simple offices.

Master Keys act as hierarchical access systems designed to restrict access for certain places within a designated structure. For example, a business manager may be able to open all doors in a building, whereas a staff member may only be able to open the front door and their office door.

To get the highest level of security and ensure that your locking system is not compromised, it is vital to get your Restricted Key Systems installed by an Expert Locksmith. A.Abbotts Locksmiths provide a wide range of Restricted Key products, each with particular benefits and goals to suit different environments.

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The Multiple Types of Master Keys

Contrary to common belief, there are many different levels to a Master Key system; generally, there are four levels: change key, master key, grandmaster key and great grand master key. Our Experienced Commercial Locksmiths Sydney at A.Abbotts have SCEC Certifications with government security clearance, so you can trust us to plan, install and maintain your facility to the best level of security.

Change Keys or the Sub-Master Keys will open locks that are exactly the same; it can open the master lock but cannot be used with any other locks.

Master Keys will open all locks within one property. In some systems, the master key will be the highest-ranking key, but the ranks can go higher…

Grand Master Keys can open multiple master key system and every master system under it, and the change keys under those systems.

Great Grand Master Keys will open all the grand master key systems under it, the master key systems under those, and the change keys under those.

Theoretically, a Very Experienced Locksmith Sydney could continue this trend until the locks become too complicated to function, there could be grandmaster keys prefaced with great great great great, etc. etc.

How Does a Master Key Work?

For a master key to work, you will require an Experienced “Locksmith Near Me” to upgrade your lock from its traditional form, as not all locks will have a master key system. What makes a master key unique to standard keys is the master wafer configurations inside the lock.

The master wafers can only be unlocked by using a master key; otherwise, a standard key will unlock the door freely.

At A.Abbotts Locksmiths Sydney, we are proud suppliers of ASSA ABLOY’s Master Key Systems; as a leading brand in the Australian locking industry, they have a well-established reputation for high-quality products. This iconic brand provides a wide range of locking solutions for residential houses, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

According to ASSA ABLOY, the most straightforward keying systems are often the most secure and will last longer than complicated ones. Whilst more complicated structures and cross keying systems might seem more secure, in reality, they reduce security and the potential for system expansion.

ASSA ABLOY notes a system designed around personnel will inevitably have a shorter life than a system designed around a building or structure. This is why it is vital to hire an Experience Locksmith Sydney as we can provide the most secure system that is easy to use and not a system that generates more profits for us.

What are the Benefits of Master Keys?

With various levels of keys, owners can have more control over how their buildings can be accessed. But most widely in Commercial and Industrial Settings, Master Keys are beneficial for two reasons, convenience and security.

As a single key can be used across multiple locks and entry points, this reduces the weight of the keys that have to be carried around—ultimately reducing the number of keys a business needs to distribute among their staff. This, as a result, cuts down the cost per purchase and makes it easier to track the number of keys employees have to return if they leave the company.

As a business owner, your top priority is to ensure your business, staff, and assets are secure, while master key systems are excellent choices. Many other security systems can offer you peace-of-mind with enhanced security and safety.

For example, you might consider installing High-Quality CCTV Cameras around the perimeters of your commercial and industrial properties. The motion sensors and recording will help you keep an eye on common entry points while you’re away from the property and can deter potential thieves.

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